Trying to do better!

Our last post was eons ago!.  Since that time we have retired, become grandparents,traveled, caught up on yard and home projects, reconnected with friends and family, continued to dodge the Covid bullet, and through it all been quilting.  As always we're torn between creating and promoting and as can be ascertained from our lack of posts to date, the creating has been winning.  We do intend to commit to posting on a regular basis.  If you are inclined to do so check in at your convenience.  Best wishes!





When Systems Are Down

Back in March Kathy journeyed to St Albens, New Hampshire.  Our Gammil long arm quilting machine had been down for over a year.  Consequently only the smallest quilt pieces were getting completed- Kathy doing some free motion quilting with the Phaff.  The good news is that in that period of machine inertia we created a lot of new quilt tops.  Some of the themes we adventured into are Hawaii, Egyptian Pharohs, Christmas, Medallions, Bunny Rabbits, and many more.  The trip to New Hampshire was to get the Gammil working again.  We left on a mild early spring day on what was an eight hour journey.  We located the authorized Gammil repair center, booked into a hotel





Getting Started- We're excited!!

     With this new website Kathy and I hope to periodically keep interested folks up to date on our quilting projects.  Hopefully the posts will be informative, thought provacative, sometimes humorous, and most importantly interesting.

     Kathy and I have been working on a lot of quilting projects since we took down our quilt show at the Cornelia Street Cafe in the Village.  We happily sold a few pieces and we feel it was an exciting opportunity to get our work exposed in NYC.  Thanks to all who visited the show, purchased quilts, wished us well, and of course thanks to the staff and management at Cornelia Street Cafe who made us feel very welcome.  When in the Village, if you have never treated yourself to the culinary treats at the Cornelia Street Cafe then by all means do so.  The food, drinks, and service is superb and they have a long history (dating back to the "Beatnik Era") of supporting visual, literary, and music artists. 

      At the moment Kathy and I are working on an Egyptian piece that combines fabric images of  Nefertiti, Tutanhankhamun, Ramesses II, Horus, Ra, Isis, Seth, Anubis, Osirus, and Amon.  We've been collecting Egyptian motiffed fabrics for a long time and this piece utilizes many of the fabrics we have gathered.  It is truly a patch work of jewel toned color scraps and Egyptian Icons that takes the eye on a mythical journey.  From the expletives that have been exhorted while working on this piece, it might beg to be named "The Mummy's Curse"!

     Please check back occasionally to see what's happening with our site and for new posts.  Best wishes for Happy Holidays to all!!!







Hi all,


Welcome to JDeK Quilts! It's taken a while to get off the ground, but here you'll find an improved store and a cleaner website. Thanks for sticking with us!